How Do You Lose Upper Belly Fat With Cinderella Solution + Leptitox?

There is no local weight loss, but there is partial shaping. When the body fat is lowered and the excess fat in the abdomen is consumed, the belly muscles will gradually form and be flat and fit for targeted training.

Therefore, to reduce belly fat, it is necessary to reduce fat throughout the body. The best way to reduce fat is exercise + a reasonable diet (Cinderella Solution, Leptitox).

Whole body exercise, especially high-intensity body movement, consumes a lot of energy and reduces fat.

Reasonable diet: many people think that if they exercise, they can not control their diet. Some people can eat it casually because they exercise. However, many people overestimate the energy consumed by exercise and underestimate the calorie intake of food. The fat is not reduced.

From the anatomical structure of the belly muscles, the tendon sheath of the belly muscles is very long, from the thorax to the pelvis. Therefore, during the exercise process, the upper belly muscles and the lower belly muscles cannot be separated and only part of the belly muscles are not affected, but the stimulation of the upper abdomen and the lower abdomen can be separately performed by lifting the chest or the pelvis. There is also an increase in stimulation of the oblique belly muscles by various bending and swiveling actions. It can be seen that belly exercise can be classified by focusing on the upper abdomen, lower abdomen and belly oblique muscles.