Fasting Workouts Let You Burn More Fat

According to a study of how mealtime, metabolic health, and exercise affect each other, fasting exercises enhance the health benefits of exercise. This study selected sedentary men as the research subjects and allowed them to perform moderate pedaling exercises. The results of the study show whether or when we eat meals may affect exercise results.

In general, any exercise is good for our health. However, there is a great deal of scientific and personal experience recently that different people respond to similar exercise programs in different ways. Even if everyone does the same amount of exercise, some people are healthier, lose more weight, or have better blood sugar control than others.

Most sports scientists believe that our genetics, diet, physical fitness, and other subtle aspects of our lives collectively affect how our bodies respond to exercise.

But some researchers suspect that mealtime is also important. During exercise, the muscles in motion need fuel-mainly in the form of burning sugar or fat. This fuel can come from the food we eat recently, or from the fats and sugars stored in our bodies. All of us have fat stores, some of which are hidden in our muscles.